Sallows are a four-piece band from around the North West. Using banjo, guitar, whistle, accordion, shruti box, and harmony singing, Sallows create a driving sound set to dark poignant political lyrics. Taking influence from 60s revivalists like The Watersons and 80s anarcho punk, Sallows use folk song to tell tales of the land and everyday struggles that transcend time. Sallows have played up and down the country at some of the UK’s biggest festivals, and with numerous BBC sessions and a Guardian Film feature, Sallows are one of the most exciting band to emerge from the scene. Their new album will be out this summer.

Firepit Collective

Firepit Collective are born straight out of the early 90's traveller and free festival movement with their foot stomping anarcho folk sound. Singer / guitarist Jay Terrestrial (Inner Terrestrials) cut his teeth playing and collecting rebel folk songs around the campfire at protest camps and festivals. Together with Maxine (7 Kevins / Fat Panthers) on fiddle and Chezney Newman (Tofu Love Frogs) on bazouki, this trio of multi-instrumentalists bring you stories from the front line! Their tales of land, law, protest and resistance are heartfelt, warm and authentic. Firepit Collective are the real deal when it comes to traveller and protest music and this band live and breathe their uncompromising anarchic message.


Tarantism are now embarking on their 25th year in the business. Formed in 1995 when dance music was at its height, they led the wave of Celtic dance crossover working with Simon Emmerson and others to bring British folk out of the 70’s and into the new millennium. Every single year since then they have worked the festival circuit, playing festivals from Glastonbury to Oeriol to Beltane at the Horsedrawn. During this time, they have earned the reputation as one of the hardest working bands on the alternative scene. Using ska rhythms and African beats while always relying on a solid foundation of songwriting by Magnus Martin (Hawkwind), Tarantism are an awesome back line of bass, drums and guitars, with a powerful female front from Mel Rogers’ vocals and Rhiannon Crutchely on fiddle (Brewers Daughter). Tarantism will be playing new material from their forthcoming album, “A Pill to Purge Melancholy”, as well as playing old favourites from the 90’s and beyond.

Atlas Bridge

Brand new acoustic 3-piece Atlas Bridge bring together the tuneful talents of uilleann piper & multi-instrumentalist Becky Taylor, with sensitive, honest vocals and melodic 5-string banjo from Madeline Smyth, underpinned with inventive and energetic accompaniments by Steve Lacey, who also adds a song or two to the mix. Their name, with its roots in Greek mythology for the Atlantic Ocean or Atlantis Sea, echoes the bridge and deep-rooted musical connections between Irish and other Celtic folk traditions and the Americana / Appalachian music and song that is reflected in their repertoire. Expect engaging, high energy, lively tune sets interspersed with thought-provoking songs. With a multitude of different instruments between them and a fresh approach to more familiar material as well as vocal variety, there is plenty of interest here!


Hanami Family

English cosmic psych folksters Hanami Family return with their new album ‘Lunar Ticks’ to coincide with the birth of their second child. From the opening notes the voices interweave effortlessly with the harmonies tightly fused from 12 years of travelling and playing around the world. Their music features a plethora of instruments from eco-friendly hand-made drums to 12 string guitars and singing bowls. Together founding members Keeley and John have honed the art of writing a great song, however it’s the honesty and confidence that comes from writing music simply for the love of it that sets this band apart. From bittersweet gently sung playful melodies to trippy pounding feral psych folk reminiscent of early Fairport Convention, Incredible String Band and Captain Beefheart, this band are a joy. 

Stick in the Wheel

Stick In The Wheel’s work is rooted in the melodies of traditional English Folk music, informed by the modern electronic music that grew out of their East London heritage. Nicola Kearey and Ian Carter use centuries-old work-songs that speak to present-day issues of class - an inherently political act. Five-times BBC Folk Award nominated, their ongoing 'English Folk Field Recordings' project has seen them collect recorded performances from Richard Dawson to Nancy Kerr, as an attempt to create a snapshot of the current English scene. The diverse sonic experiments on their recent mixtape release 'Against The Loathsome Beyond' include the heavy pagan throb of Down In Yon Forest and the 14th Century alliterative poem of Swarte Smiths, Smateryd with Smoke. Such gritty integrity sees them heading into uncharted territories of trance-inducing electronic folk and elemental, psychedelic guitar fuzz, whilst maintaining and celebrating music from our collective histories.

Captain Hotknives

The wandering bard of beat herder, the Keighley cult legend, the man who sold his soul at Four Lane Ends! Captain Hotknives is back to recount his tales of Buckfast, brew and 'skanking his nan'! Unhindered by concepts such as "being able to sing", or "making words which rhyme", his first two albums were recorded in the top of a terraced house. "The Pigeons Told Me to Shoplift" and "Blarneystoner" were then largely given away to random people at the back of pubs, resulting in the beginning of "The Longest Slowest Tour Wi The Most Gaps Ever", which is haphazardly continuing to this day. Hotknives is now a festival staple, playing sets back to back over the summer and working with an immense array of artists and musicians. With over 20 releases to his name and 20 years honing his story telling craft, Hotknives has found his way into the hearts of punks, poets, thinkers and drinkers. Absolutely not to be missed.

John Francis Flynn

John Francis Flynn is a singer and multi-instrumentalist whose work centres around traditional and folk material from Ireland and further afield. He is a founding member of the band Skipper's Alley, with whom he has toured extensively throughout Europe and America as well as playing some of the biggest Irish festivals including Electric Picnic, Other Voices and Body & Soul. John is an active session musician around Dublin and has recorded with artists such as Lankum (Between the Earth, and Sky) and Ye Vagabonds (The Hare's Lament). He was recently asked to perform at Glen Hansard's annual Christmas fundraiser in Vicar Street, has supported Lisa O'Neill in Liberty Hall, and joined Lankum on their sell out UK tour. His debut EP which he recorded with Spud Murphy (Lankum, Katie Kim, Percolator) is currently being mixed and is due to be released in the coming months.

Ye Vagabonds

Ye Vagabonds make harmony rich folk music, influenced by Irish traditional music, Appalachian singing, and the 1960s folk revival. Brothers Brían and Diarmuid Mac Gloinn have forged a style based on close harmonies and acoustic instrumentation inspired by various folk traditions, playing their own original songs as well as folk songs from Ireland, Scotland, England and America.

Having toured with Glen Hansard, who invited them to open for him on his European tour, the brother released their debut EP Rose & Briar on October 7th 2015. Since then, they have been busy touring Ireland, the UK and Europe, opening for acts such as Villagers, Roy Harper and Lisa Hannigan. They have played sold out headline shows in Ireland, France, Switzerland and the UK.

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