Friday Evening

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Firepit Collective

Firepit collective are born straight out of the early 90's traveller and free festival movement with their foot stomping anarcho folk sound. Singer / guitarist Jay Terrestrial joins Maxine on fiddle and Chezney Newman on bazouki.

Trades Club


With songwriting by Magnus Martin, Tarantism are an awesome back line of bass, drums and guitars, with a powerful female front from Mel Rogers’ vocals and Rhiannon Crutchely on fiddle.  

Saturday Daytime 

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Atlas Bridge

New acoustic 3-piece Atlas Bridge bring together the tuneful talents of Uilleann Piper & Multi-instrumentalist Becky Taylor, with vocals and melodic 5-string banjo from Madeline Smyth, underpinned with accompaniments by Steve Lacey, who also adds a song or two to the mix. 

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Hanami Family

Hanami Family's music features a plethora of instruments from eco-friendly hand-made drums to 12 string guitars and singing bowls. Together founding members Keeley and John have honed the art of writing a great song.

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Stick In The Wheel

Speaking about their music, Stick in the Wheel say, ‘We play the music of our people. We sing in our own accents. We record in our kitchens and living rooms. This is our culture, our tradition’.

Saturday Evening 

Trades Club

Captain Hotknives

Captain Hotknives is back to recount his tales of Buckfast, brew and 'skanking his nan', unhindered by concepts such as "being able to sing", or "making words which rhyme"!

Trades Club

Ye Vagabonds

Ye Vagabonds make harmony rich folk music, influenced by Irish traditional music, Appalachian singing, and the 1960s folk revival.

Time = 7.30pm 

Sunday Daytime 





Sunday Evening